Ezine update 2019

We are currently updating the ezine. For latest news on ZineWest and other New Writers’ Group news see our main blog or FB Zinewest Page and NWG Inc Group.


ZineWest 2018

We publish around 30 short written works in the print zine and ten artworks. Entrants need a connection to Western Sydney and be 16 years or over. Writing is due 27th May. Art is due 23rd June. If you wish to submit both art and writing, please use separate forms. Entry is free and you can submit up to 3 entries.
Any queries just email the editors – see entry forms.



Writers can be beginners or experienced but not yet trade published as a sole author of a book or anthology. Publication of small works in journals is fine. Entries must not have been previously published in print or on radio/TV or online – including social media and blogs, nor can they have won an award. The rules for art are a little different: the works are still eligible if previously published or exhibited, however need to have been created in the last 18 months and not won an award.

With written pieces we love a broad range of style and genre. Prose poetry cartoon/comic have all won awards in the past so we hope drama is nominated for one of the awards this year! Art is also open as to theme and style.

Illustrations of written entries: From this year on, an illustration will be treated as an art entry and be in the running for Best Image.

Check the form links above for more details, but a few key things:

Prizes: $400 for best written work with runners up receiving titles from Giramondo (co-sponsored by the Writing and Society Research Centre, WSU) and $100 for best art (yes artists we know, we know, we hope for more art sponsorship:). We also have $100 for the spoken word event ZineWest WORD where an additional ten writing entrants present their work live and are followed by an open mic.

Launch Date: Saturday, 13th October at UNE Sydney, Parramatta
NB the main campus entry point is at 211 Church Street Parramatta, but the ZineWest launch is across the road at 232 Church.

ZineWest 2017 winners

The winning works from ZineWest 2017 are now published in the ezine:

WRITING AWARDS: First Place and Best Prose: LE Armbruster; Second Place and Best Poem: Norm Fairbairn; Third Place: Loredana Tudor-Tomescu

Commendations: Kirsten Oakley, Morgana Ladrina, fayroze, CA Broadribb. Editor’s Award: Kate Brown.

ART AWARD: Winner: Zena Maghchouch – They, I, Us; Runner-up: fayroze  – self portrait – see below.

All written works included in the zine were selected by editor SE Crawford and guest editors: Lyn Leerson, Ruth Wyer, J. Anne deStaic and Mihaela Cristescu. The works chosen are sent to the writing judge (Luke Carman)  to determine all the prizes (except the Editor’s Award.)

All artworks are seen by the art  judge (Sophia Kouyoumdjian) who advises on selection for the zine and names the winner and runner-up.

Writing prizes are co-sponsored by the Writing and Society Research Centre, WSU.  The Art award is sponsored by private donors. UNE FutureCampus provides the launch venue.

ZineWest 2017

dscn3383-copyTime to put up the winning pieces from 2016 to inspire our entrants for 2017 which opens March.

From left is NWG President Carol Amos, Anne Benjamin (Second Place/Best Poem), Sue Chamoun ( Highly Commended), Julie Owens MP, Yumna Kassab (First Place/Best Prose) and our judge, Luke Carman. Mihaela Cristescu took Third Place and other High Commendations went to Majidi Warda and Oliver Jacques.

Editor’s Award: Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis
Winner of ZWSpoken Word: Kayote, runner-up Akshay Chougaonkar
Winner of ZW Open Mic: Robert Dunn, runner-up Peter Carwright


Best Image Award

From left, our Art judge, Sophia Kouyoumdjian with Julie Owens MP and  Geoff Sellman and runner-up fayroze.

ZineWest 2015 Writing Judge’s commentary

SChamoun23We are conducting our annual update of the ezine and will soon post the winning ZW15 pieces for the benefit of future entrants.
For results and photos see our main blog.

Meanwhile here are the comments of Writing Judge Luke Carman which he presented at the launch on 10th October, 2015

Photo: Back row from Left Julie Owens MP, Luke Carman, Dennis J. Pale, J. Anne DeStaic, Kerryn Coombes-Valeontis, Front Row from left: L.E. Armbruster, Arna Radovich, Yumna Kassab and Meg Brayshaw