ZineWest 2017 winners

The winning works from ZineWest 2017 are now published in the ezine:

WRITING AWARDS: First Place and Best Prose: LE Armbruster; Second Place and Best Poem: Norm Fairbairn; Third Place: Loredana Tudor-Tomescu

Commendations: Kirsten Oakley, Morgana Ladrina, fayroze, CA Broadribb. Editor’s Award: Kate Brown.

ART AWARD: Winner: Zena Maghchouch – They, I, Us; Runner-up: fayroze  – self portrait – see below.

All written works included in the zine were selected by editor SE Crawford and guest editors: Lyn Leerson, Ruth Wyer, J. Anne deStaic and Mihaela Cristescu. The works chosen are sent to the writing judge (Luke Carman)  to determine all the prizes (except the Editor’s Award.)

All artworks are seen by the art  judge (Sophia Kouyoumdjian) who advises on selection for the zine and names the winner and runner-up.

Writing prizes are co-sponsored by the Writing and Society Research Centre, WSU.  The Art award is sponsored by private donors. UNE FutureCampus provides the launch venue.


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