In this ezine you’ll find most of the short works published in ZineWest that won an award. We like to keep available an on-line record for the benefit of future entrants. ZineWest is an annual print zine published by NEW Writers’ Group inc for Western Sydney writers who have not yet achieved trade publication – we are always very excited when they later do! The competition is co-sponsored by the Writing and Society Research Centre, Western Sydney University.Our unfulfilled ambition is to publish more from our members’ anthology.

Purchasing a NWG Inc publication: (ZW 2007- ; Anthology 2009 -)

You can email us with your order and if we have the edition in stock we’ll post to you with invoice. Recent titles are $10, but we give a discount on some earlier editions.

ZineWest Editors
PO Box 2508, North Parramatta 1750

NEW Writers’ Group Incorporated
Business address: newwritersgroup@gmail.com

All writers are very welcome to attend NWG Inc gatherings. Our 2016 calendar is not finalised as at October 2015, but our event news can be found on our main blog We run workshops, exercises, swap writing news and 9 times out of 10 have an open mic.


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