ZineWest ’11 – zine for Western Sydney Writers

New works are arriving into our small EZine. They are the winning pieces in the ZineWest 2011 competition. We hope this blog will start a few discussions about writing in 2012. Meanwhile, if you spot any typos/glitches, please comment – revising an index with links can be hazardous:)


NWG Inc’s EZine BLOG

Hello world!

Our  EZINE Pages have long been attached to NEW Writers’ Group Inc main website but they were static pages, no comments option

This WP blog will  house a new index that’s easier to update. You can find the writer or work you’re interested in and make a comment  if you wish.

Thanks to WP for making it easier for non-profits like us  to have a free carrier pigeon into the world….

S Crawford,

Editor ZineWest