ZW17 Third Place

ZineWest 2017 Third Place (poem)

IT’S SPRING BACK HOME by Loredana Tudor-Tomescu

I rang you last night to tell you
a spring breeze was blowing inside my heart
it’s autumn down here, did you know?
(anomalies often display
leadership impulses: they took over)

I could hear Spring
stumping loudly
about the backyard,
and I could almost feel
the wax-cherry trees blossoming
and there were glimpses of Dad (ever more bent on himself – a human walking stick)
under the branches,
smoking the frozen air,
chasing the evil spirits.

I called you with
not-so-good news –
the phone is a strange device, quite remarkable:
through it, I can feel how my news
is piercing your insides
like a corkscrew drilling into a cork …

I called you to chase away
the evil spirit of sadness,
and anger
that ploughs deep furrows
on the saintly face of these moments
of fasting and humbleness …

I rang you in need
and, obviously, out of selfishness
knowing that you already have
cured the meat (look, I can see your thigh bleeding!)
for the wondrous bird
that will come
and take me back to the light

When did we ever ask
and you didn’t give?!?